Data Warehouse Services

The data warehouse is a data model of the business from the business user point of view. It provides data from a historical perspective.

Data Warehouse Services Provided:

  • Design, Set up and configuration of the Data Warehouse.
  • Data modelling using the Kimball Methodology i.e. Fact and Dimension Tables, Star and Snow flake schemas.
  • Design of Materialised Views.
  • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) using PLSQL and DWB.
  • Create Reports based on the data in the data warehouse.
  • General Warehouse Database Administration Tasks.
  • Oracle Data Warehouse Builder (DWB).

Why use us:

  • We have the technical expertise for the complete technology Stack from the data source to end user interface.
  • Experts in  the resolution of performance problems which often occur in Data warehouses.
  • Database Administrators experienced in the techniques used to manage large data volumes.
  • Experienced Data modellers.
  • Track Record of successful delivery of Data Warehouse Projects.